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How To Tell If Your AC Fuse Is Blown

When fuses blow, there can be momentary confusion. Home fuses are pretty simple to detect, while individual appliances may be a bit more complex. If your air conditioner isn't working correctly, you may have blown a fuse. If you want to learn how to tell if an AC fuse is blown, allow Mcoy and Son HVAC, the top HVAC company in Marietta, to tell you everything you need to know. 

Understanding what you can about a blown fuse can help prevent accidents and promote proper usage of appliances like your heater and air conditioner. By understanding the signs, you can help your air conditioner last longer.

Signs Your AC Has a Blown Fuse

In the event of an unexpected amount of electricity surging into your system, a fuse trips to keep your home safe. Without it, overcharging could run rampant in your wires, encouraging heat, and in the worst-case scenario, a fuse-melting fire that destroys not just your air conditioner but your home. If you accidentally blow a fuse in your air conditioner, your fuse has protected you from a potential disaster by shutting off the machine.

In some (relatively rare) instances, you can blow a fuse on an air conditioner and it still functions. The only difference between a blow that shuts the whole thing down and a blow that doesn't is the fact that the blower motor may still be working while the rest of the unit isn't.

Wondering how to tell if an AC fuse is blown? Take the following steps:

  1. Using a multimeter: Get your multimeter, turn it on to ensure it works, and touch both ends together. If you hear a beep, the circuit is complete.
  2. Locating your air conditioner fuse: Depending on where it's located, you should be able to find it on the control board. There, you should find a switch that physically flips, indicating if the fuse blows or not.
  3. Locate the air conditioner probes: The third step is to locate the connection points so that you can use your multimeter. Because electricity is plenty dangerous, if you are not confident in your ability to locate probes and test them with a multimeter, get a professional to help instead of endangering yourself.
  4. Use the multimeter: The final step is to use your multimeter on the probes. When connecting your multimeter to the probes, if your multimeter beeps, then you have not blown a fuse. If it does not indicate that there's a connection, then you have a blown air conditioner fuse.

Work With McCoy and Son HVAC

Now that you know all about how to tell if your AC fuse is blown, why not work with us to solve all your HVAC problems? Sometimes these issues can be dangerous to check by yourself, which is why we have expert technicians available to assist with any HVAC issue you have. Consider us today for a reliable service that puts the customer first at a competitive price.

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