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3 Common Heat Pump Problems and How to Deal With Them

Heat pumps are generally reliable and need less maintenance and fewer repairs than other types of HVAC systems. However, you can still encounter a few heat pump problems that make your home uncomfortable and raise your energy bills. McCoy and Son HVAC, one of the premier HVAC companies in Marietta, GA, lists a few issues that their customers sometimes face.  

3 Common Heat Pump Problems

As the United States gradually lessens its overall energy consumption, the government pushes more residents to adopt energy-efficient appliances. The Department of Energy identifies heat pumps as efficient, sustainable alternatives to the average air conditioner or furnace since they provide heating and cooling from one unit. However, they can also have issues similar to a regular HVAC system. Find out what to look for below.   

#1. Not Heating or Cooling

When you power up your heat pump, you expect warm or crisp, cool air to flow from your vents. The air might feel lukewarm instead, dampening your expectations. Air that feels closer to room temperature might indicate: 

  • Thermostat issues: Check your thermostat settings and change your battery if needed. Alternatively, you might have frayed electrical connections. 
  • A faulty reversing valve: This valve changes the air output from warm to cool and vice versa. The pump won’t effectively circulate air if it breaks or becomes stuck.
  • Dirty air filters: Check the air filter in the return register to see if dirt blocks airflow. Replace it if the fibers look brown or yellow.

#2. No Power or Cycling

Your heat pump should switch on if your home’s internal temperature rises above or drops beneath your thermostat settings. The air handler assists with this function by ensuring the air meets your temperature setting and circulates it through your home. This component may stop working because of a few common heat pump problems:

  • Wiring issues: You might struggle to solve or diagnose this issue by yourself. Wire networks are complex and often dangerous. Contact a professional technician from McCoy and Son HVAC for help. 
  • Blown blower motor: You must replace a broken blower motor because it powers the handler, fan, and other components. Your heat pump will completely stop functioning without it. 
  • Circuit breaker trips: Head over to your breaker box and check for flipped switches. If you notice one connected to the heat pump’s air handler, flip it back to the "on" position. An electrician should assist you with frequent breaker trips to protect your home and comfort. 

#3. Off-Putting Odors

The nose knows! Something might smell off when your heat pump powers on. Take note if the following odors catch your attention:

  • Burning odors indicate bad wiring and burnt rubber coatings. 
  • Musty smells mean you have a mold infestation in your ventilation system. 
  • Sulfuric or rotten stenches indicate a dangerous gas leak. Clear out and call for emergency assistance. 

Contact McCoy and Son HVAC About Heat Pump Maintenance or a Free Service Estimate

Have these heat pump problems manifested in your home? Call McCoy and Son HVAC to diagnose the issue. They’ll provide a free service estimate with transparent pricing from certified HVAC technicians.

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